maya chowdhry, kooj chuhan, mahboobeh rajabi and clare ramsaran

We all know what literature is but what exactly is digital literature, what does it do and how can you engage with it as a writer and a reader?

Session 1:  Meet the Makers – Digital Commissions Showcase 

Meet the makers of:

  • Bringing Poetry into Code Generation – Quick Response (QR) codes and poetry
  • Erebus and Aether: Twin Cities– visual novel where outcomes are affected by the player’s choices
  • Heritage Carrot’- a site-specific Augmented Reality (AR) poem

Panellists: Maya Chowdhry, Kooj Chuhan, Mahboobeh Rajabi
Host: Clare Ramsaran

Session 2: Digital Literature – what’s in it for you?

Meet other writers in an ice-breaker activity. Are you already producing digital literature? If so, please come prepared to share what you have learned. New to Digital Literature? Discover ways to enhance or promote your writing via:

  • Twitterature
  • Instapoetry
  • Book trailers
  • Literary blogs and author websites

Panellists: Mahboobeh Rajabi and Clare Ramsaran