REGISTRATION is from 9.15AM at Sachas Hotel, entrance on Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JG

Panels start at 10.00AM

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Three venues, 12 sessions including panel discussions, readings and workshops, the 2018 Black Writers Conference is for writers and publishers who identify as Black/Asian/BAME/POC.

Whilst there has been an increasing recognition within publishing that more needs to be done to promote black and ‘minority’ voices and perspectives there remains a long way to go. As writers and publishers what can we do to make sure our voices are respected and heard? And what can we do to inspire and support each other? These are some of the questions the conference will be addressing.

Covering digital literature, afro-futurism, mental health, crime, developing audiences, self-publishing, activism and the black cultural economy – the conference is a meeting place, a debating ground, and a sharing of experiences.

Happening in association with the conference: Over Here Zine Fest, a festival of zines showcasing the work of creatives who identify as Black/Asian/BAME/POC.